Your Interactive EVEAI Companion Experience

Welcome to the future of companionship with EVEAI. Engage in meaningful activities and conversations with your AI partner, experiencing a dynamic, evolving bond.

Features and Benefits

Your Digital companion is more than a chatbot. It learns your preferences, supports tasks, and offers personalized interactions, being there for daily tasks, creative inspiration, or friendly chats.

Interactive Bonding

Discover engaging shared activities with your AI companion, like virtual dates and games, creating a growing dynamic relationship.

Conversational Depth

Explore the AI companion's ability to engage in deep, meaningful conversations, with an understanding that mirrors human interaction.

Towards the Ultimate Digital Companion

Ongoing development to enhance the AI's functionalities, aiming to create the ultimate Digital Companion with immersive relationship dynamics.

Digital Companion FAQ's

Yes, interacting with the DGF is free for public use through EveAI's Telegram bot. For more private and advanced interactions, a Tier 1 status is required. In the future, this feature will also be available on the EveAI dApp.

You can chat, perform activities like shopping,sleeping,eating but make sure she is fed and rested. Neglecting her needs may lead her to leave.

If she leaves due to lack of care, you can start a new relationship by 'dating' in different virtual locations within the platform

When your DGF is happy, she rewards you with gold. This gold can be used as credits for accessing EveAI's generative features

Yes, you can date in the mall for free, or spend gold to date in a nightclub, where you have a chance to meet a legendary girlfriend.

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